‘Heart of Sabbot’ – our exclusive VIP club!

Heart of Sabbot

Our VIP club for exclusive offers & more!

As a company we are constantly looking at ways to offer friends and customers like yourself, new and innovative opportunities to reward your loyalty for investing in products from a business that takes its social conscience seriously by offering only genuine Fur Free products.

‘Heart of Sabbot’ is an exclusive, membership only scheme, giving access to a unique range of products and offers. All you have to do, if you haven’t done so already, is use the link below to set up an account, complete your details and then explore the great offers, just for you.

Join in and create your account today!

How does it Work? All items with the ‘Heart’ symbol have offers applied for members only to view, click on, explore and enjoy. The products on offer are only available on our website. Whenever you see the ‘Heart’ symbol, log into your account which will give you a special members price for that particular product. We will update this on a regular basis with new offers just for you.