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A page to celebrate the people, brands and causes that we are passionately in love with, and we know you will be too.

digital horse and sabbot loves

Sabbot Loves: Digital Horse Community

We are delighted to announce Digital Horse have welcomed Sabbot Headwear as one of the very first businesses on their new platform! Digital Horse is the exciting new network developed for equestrians to share their horse’s talents, achievements and personality’s because it’s time for horses to have a social network of their own!!  Everything organised in one place, instantly searchable and available wherever you go, it’s the new place to SHOUT-OUT the story of your horse! You can share your successes, good days and bad days with [...]

foxology fashion

Sabbot Loves: Dawn from Foxology

Stuart met the enchantingly energetic Dawn at a show in Harrogate and we have been huge fans of her wonderful clothing range Foxology ever since. The ethos behind Foxology is close to our hearts here at Sabbot. Dawn’s brand is all about slow fashion. A movement that puts quality and longevity over cost-cutting and expediency. Dawn dedicates huge amounts of time to ensuring her range is as gentle on the environment as possible. Foxology knitwear is made from ethically sourced fibres. Many pieces are [...]


Sabbot Loves: Peanut the rescue pony (and her slightly bonkers rescuer Oonagh)

We discovered the extremely talented and sassy Peanut when her mum Oonagh kindly reviewed a range of Sabbot knits on her Facebook reviews page and introduced us. Peanut is a (very) little pony Oonagh adopted in February 2018 when one of her horses had to be put to sleep – she asked the rescue centre to give her something they had trouble rehoming as her showjumper was going mad on his own – so they gave her Peanut, whom they could [...]

how to tell real from fake fur

Sabbot Loves: Humane Society & The Watson Sisters

We LOVE the campaign Humane Society International ran with the Watson sisters. The video brought huge amounts of awareness to the growing problem of real animal fur being mislabelled as faux fur in the UK, duping shoppers into buying cruel fur they might otherwise actively avoid. With Lucy and Tiffany’s tips, you can become a “fur detective” and make sure that you are not being misled. To learn more about the campaign visit To ask the Government for a Fur Free Britain [...]

sabbot loves diary of a wimpy eventer

Sabbot Loves: Diary of a Wimpy Eventer

We are delighted to introduce you to the lovely Vic at Diary of a Wimpy Eventer. Vic has been a Sabbot brand ambassador since early 2018 and we’ve been excitedly following her progress as she tackles One Day Events and trains around the UK. What we SUPER LOVE about Vic is her fantabulous attitude. This shines through in her blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts. Whether she’s had a good day or not, Vic’s posts are always authentic, inspiring and uplifting, [...]