Sabbot Loves: Peanut the rescue pony (and her slightly bonkers rescuer Oonagh)

Sabbot Loves: Peanut the rescue pony (and her slightly bonkers rescuer Oonagh)

We discovered the extremely talented and sassy Peanut when her mum Oonagh kindly reviewed a range of Sabbot knits on her Facebook reviews page and introduced us.

Peanut is a (very) little pony Oonagh adopted in February 2018 when one of her horses had to be put to sleep – she asked the rescue centre to give her something they had trouble rehoming as her showjumper was going mad on his own – so they gave her Peanut, whom they could not rehome due to her being a right narky little sod that liked to attack people!

But, a few months of hard work later, she transformed and became a bit of a success story in showing classes – winning four out of the five shows she went to and finishing up last year winning two Reserve Championship titles at a miniature horse show.

So with that in mind – people really got behind her and her internet stardom was born with the help of her Facebook page – The Antics of Peanut the Rescue Pony.

Peanut has become a great ambassador for the rescue centre she came from having been featured in blogs as far away as Australia and in an online magazine. She continues working on and will be featuring in a paper magazine in the UK in the new year.

We are working on providing Peanut with some showing gear to help her look super nice and fancy as she justly deserves. Do follow her for posts that will brighten up your day.

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